Purchase Orders

Received Purchase Orders(POs) will be listed on the Purchase Orders page.

purchase orders

  1. You can view a PO in 3 modes; Formatted View, Raw Message, and JSON Representation.
    • Formatted View displays a human readable representation of the Purchase Order, with the capability to print. This might be helpful if you need a printed version of the Purchase Order for internal documentation processes.
    • Raw Message displays the received Purchase Order as it is, only with newlines added for readability.
    • JSON Representation displays a JSON based representation of the received Purchase Order, which might be helpful for further processing by other applications.
  2. Will show the parent inbox message of the selected PO.
  3. Will show the complete transaction for this purchase order.
  4. Will filter the PO list by the parent Inbox message. If the Inbox message relevant to the selected PO has multiple POs, only those POs will be listed.
  5. Will delete the selected PO.