Receive an EDI message

Once EDI Generator received a message from a partner and successfully processed, it will be listed in the Inbox view as follows.


  1. You can view such a received message in 3 modes; Formatted View, Raw Message, and JSON Representation.
    • Formatted View displays a human readable representation of the received EDI, with the capability to print. This might be helpful if you need a printed version of the EDI for internal documentation processes.
    • Raw Message displays the received EDI as it is, only with newlines added for readability.
    • JSON Representation displays a JSON based representation of the received EDI, which might be helpful for further processing by other applications.
  2. It has 3 actions:
    • Generate Invoice - this can be used to generate a new Invoice for this received message.
    • Generate ASN - this can be used to generate a new ASN (Shipping Notification) for this received message
    • Process Again - this can be used to re-process the received message similar to a newly received message. This might be helpful if the message failed due to a configuration issue on the EDI Generator side. You can re-process the message after correcting the configuration issue. And this also could be useful if you like to test your message flow before receiving actual production messages.
  3. The message will be added to the archived list.
  4. Will delete the selected message.

Once you receive a message, EDI Generator may automatically send a Functional Acknowledgement to your partner depending on the Auto Acknowledge configuration of the partner or the document type.