User Management

Admin and management users have access to the User Management functionality of the EDI Generator.


To add new user, open the Administration sub menu on the left navigation menu and click the Users menu item. Click the ‘+’ sign on the top left of the page to create a new user.

Add New User

Fill in the required information of the user you are about to add.

Email: Specify the email of the new user. User verification email will be sent to this email address. Role: EDI Generator has 4 pre-defined user roles as Org-Admin, Management, Regular and Read-Only with different levels of access permissions. Select the role that you would like to assign for this new user.

Finally, click the Add new user button to add the user to your organization.. Once the user is added successfully, EDI Generator will send an account verification email with a temporary password to the user email address. Once the user has verified the email and logged in for the first time, they need to change that temporary password to a new one.

After the new user is added, you will be directed back to the Users list. All the currently added users of your organization are listed in the users list. This view displays the below information of each user in addition to a set of action buttons.

All Users

Email: The email of the user. The email of the account you are currently logged in to EDI Generator will be indicated by a user icon.

Email Verified: Before login into EDI Generator, each user needs to verify their email address using the verification email. This field indicates whether a user has verified their email address or not.l. Generally this field will be auto updated when a user verifies their email. In case you need to enforce an update, you can click the Refresh verification status button next to any unverified account.

Role: The assigned role of the user is shown here.

The action buttons provide the following functionality for each user.

You can edit or delete the users as desired, except for your own user entry.

Resend verification email: In case a user hasn’t received the account verification email, you can resend it by clicking the Resend Verification email button.

Note that only a user with Org-Admin role has the capability to add, edit or delete other Org-Admin users.