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Receive and Send EDI documents like Email

Nothing to purchase or install. Pay only for what is used. Receive PO's, create ASNs/Invoices and more..

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EDI document reading and creation with AS2
For Small and Medium Businesses

Everything required for EDI

EDIGenerator is a cloud-based EDI Service, which allows you to receive EDI documents, read or print them, create shipments & invoices, and send back the created EDI documents over AS2. All this and more, without purchasing, installing and maintaining multiple software packages

Receive and read EDI 850 Purchase Orders (PO) from Buyers
Create Shipments, Print Shipping Labels and send 856 Advance Ship Notices (ASN)
Create 810 Invoices and send them over AS2, and receive your payments
Automated Secure B2B File Transfer
For larger Businesses

Translate to/from EDI

Receive any volume of X12 or EDIFACT documents, and get them translated into your preferred formats such as JSON, XML, CSV etc, and then pushed to your webhooks. You can also send your own JSON/XML/CSV etc files to be converted into EDI and sent over AS2 to your partners

For Enterprises

Get your suppliers to use EDI

You face issues if your Suppliers do not use EDI, or use EDI with errors.
Talk with us on how you can get us to certify against your specifications, and then get special discounts on pricing for your suppliers. Its a win-win situation for both your suppliers and you, saving time and money for everyone.

Seamless Integration with existing B2B applications
Includes AS2 Communication

MFTGateway for AS2 communications

MFTGateway is an AS2 communications as a Service offering by us, deployed on the Amazon AWS cloud for high-availability and scalability. Its used by many large organizations to exchange hundreds of thousands of mission critical messages over the AS2 protocol. EDIGenerator customers will be utilizing this same platform underneath for reliable communications with trading partners, at no additional cost.

Easy as using web based email
Optimize costs with pay-as-you-go approach
Need Support?

Let us know any other documents you wish to receive or send

The minimum configuration we need to receive and parse an EDI file is the EDI transaction configuration, which is typically the one page overview of an EDI specification. We are happy to support new documents and extend the capabilities of our service.

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Let's do EDI better!

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